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3D Printer$450.000 base model
S-300 Model

The S-300 printer is a large-format portal COP-printer with enhanced performance for 3d printing houses, elements of buildings, structures on foundations with an area of 18x12x9 m (59x39x30 f) where is 17x11x7 m (56x36x23 f) working surface and height up to 24 ft., with a speed up to 250 sqf /hr

Optional S-300 can print below ground level (pools, basements, septic tank, e.t.c.) Modular printer system, allows you to print objects that exceed the basic working area, by splitting the project into parts and transferring the printer. After printing of the entire object, the cavities are filled with a foam concrete, so that a monolithic structure is obtained. That meets all requirements of the project. The printer required to use pressure washer and a synchronised concrete pump station. The basic configuration includes control PC with preinstalled licensed software. The S-300 prints based on construction mixes (cement series 400-500), it is also use mixes with mineral additives.

Video of 3d Printing Processes


The equipment is certified in the territory of Eurounion (CE) and the Customs Union (declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union). Serial production. Custom tariff number ТС 8479100000.

Motor typeStepper motors with planetary gearboxes
Printing speed, cubic meters/hour2,5 (25 sq.m./hour)
Operating field, mm17 х 11 х 7 m (56x36x23 f)
Speed/positioning precision12m/min / 2 mm
Working power, kW12
Printing layer, mm10-30 х 40-80 (height/width)
Concrete expenditure for 1 m2 of the wall at 2-layers printing0,12 – 0,25 m3
Period of the guarantee / Operational life12 months / 60 000 working hours