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Construction 3D Printers



The AMTG develops and produces professional 3D printers for construction industry and one of the leading manufacturers of construction 3D printers in Europe.

AMTG a mechanical engineering company, was founded in 2009 as a manufacturer of professional CNC equipment.

In 2012, growing interest was noted on the market for the subject of construction 3D printing. A long research and development phase ended with the creation of a prototype. On the strength of this, the company prepared itself for volume manufacturing.

In 2015 company commenced one of the first volume production lines of construction 3D printers (COP printers) in the world.

Nowadays, design engineers from the AMTG have developed a range of small and large format portal construction printer models (with the AMT trademark) for differing tasks and different categories of customers.



✓ First company in the world to launch the serial production of construction 3D printers – COP-printers, Construction Objects Printing 

✓  Our printers printed the first residential house and the biggest 3D-printed building in Europe, the world’s first 3D fountain

✓  The biggest 3D-printer developed, capable to print multi-storey buildings

✓  Developed mixtures for construction 3D printing

✓  Equipment working in 18 countries, more than 280 systems sold


AMT Global

#1 Manufacturer and expert in construction 3D printing.
We produce professional equipment designed for operating in real conditions, for high loads. 

✓  Printing all kinds of concrete 

✓  Laying capacity up to 2.5 m3 / h 

✓  3D printer operated by 2 persons 

✓  Operational life: up to 60 000 working hours 

✓  High-quality components. Printers are certified in the European Union 

✓  Staff training, warranty, technical support 

✓  Equipment installation, technology implementation, construction project support